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I had never been to Oceanaire and it was not in my list of “to go places”. But, last night a friend of mine reserved a table and I had the chance to go. I had actually heard good things about this restaurant, so I was looking forward to try it.

Let’s put it this way. I strongly discourage anyone from going there for the 25 for $25 and based on what I saw last night I will definitely not go back anytime soon.

You would expect that these special deals are to get you to try something nice that would make you go back for more. This was not the case.

For 25$ (+ tip + tax + plus glass of wine = 40$) this is what I got:

Appetizer – three mini oysters with corn and a sauce. The sauce was overpowering and you could not taste the oysters much.
Main – sole cooked in butter with capers. Come on…I can make this at home and it does have some taste! The alternative was a gnocchi with crab meat and broccolini. Two of my friend tried it and they thought it was an “interesting” dish.
Dessert – a small very blend keylime pie.
Couple of other considerations:

25$ menu is visible right away. Although in a little corner of the main menu.
Plating was very underwhelming. I felt there was no love put there.
At the end of the meal we agreed that the overall dinner was at most a 4 out 10. Not recommended.

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