Pappardelle experimental vegetarian carbonara

Tonight I wanted to make a vegetarian carbonara dish. The thing is that if you take pancetta (or baken) out of the equation it becomes really tricky to give it that distinct flavor and extra dimension that this simple dish needs. It becomes even trickier when you don’t like that much cream in your sauces – which I don’t.

So… I tried to experiment a bit and borrowed a bit from a Caesar salad type of dressing. I used a mix of zucchini and squash to give it a bit of texture, color and substance. I used anchovies and fresh herbs (one mint leaf, parsley, and thyme) in additional to the eggs for the sauce. I used just a dash of whole milk, but of the cream sauces out there go ahead and add more.

All in whole it was much better than I actually expected. You should not be concerned about the anchovies because you can’t really tell, but they do add the extra something I was looking for.









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  • Mrshmmz
    8 years ago

    Erm, you do realise anchovies aren’t vegetarian, don’t you?! I know some people who eat fish call themselves vegetarian but more accurately they should be called “pescetarians” – vegetarians don’t eat anything that used to be a living creature, whether it swam, walked or flew!

    I realise it can get confusing for non-vegetarians, as many people self-define as vegetarian but what they actually eat can vary widely. At one extreme you have vegans who eat no animal products at all (including eggs, dairy, and often things like honey too), while at the other extreme you get the people who only occasionally eat meat, who often call themselves vegetarian for convenience. Most vegetarians are “lacto-ovo” vegetarians, who eat no meat or fish but will eat eggs, milk, and other animal products that don’t directly involve killing. Strict vegetarians will avoid things like parmesan cheese (which contains rennet, from the lining of a calf’s stomach) or gelatin (made from skin & bones), although many vegetarians are willing to overlook trace amounts of animal-derived ingredients like these.
    Since this site is supposed to be about impressing a date with your cooking I thought I should explain this since I don’t think you’ll get very far with a veggie if you cook her fish!

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