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  • Wishpot Publisher Pro

    This is a sample Wishpot Product Page you can customize using the Wishpot Publisher Pro plug-in. You can create a product page like this one just by creating a WordPress post and adding the appropriate shortcodes to your post. You can also add Wishpot widgets to your entire website by going to Appearance -> Widgets in your WordPress dashboard.

    The shortcodes are:
    Required. Declares a page to be a Wishpot Product Page.

    [wishpot_ads_category=Your Category Here]
    Optional. Defines the category to limit Wishpot results.

    [wishpot_ads_keywords=Your Keywords Here]
    Optional. Defines the keywords to limit Wishpot results.

    Required. Defines the Placement ID for Wishpot results.

    [wishpot_ads_source=Your Source Here]
    Optional. Sends the source name to Wishpot.

    Default listing criteria can be set in the Wishpot options menu.

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