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August 2014

In a recent weekend visit to Vancouver BC we had the chance to stop by Bella Gelateria (map) to try their “world” renowned gelato.

I first learned about them when I was reading an Italian article about the top 10 gelato places outside Italy.

Bella Gelateria has been racking up a fair share of accolades.

2014 Winner – North American Gelato World Tour Championship
Held May 9-11 Austin Texas

2014 Winner – Georgia Straight Newspaper – Golden Plate Award – Best gelato/Ice Cream

2014 2nd Place – Vancouver International Wine Festival Wine & Food Pairing

2014 Winner – Westender Newspaper – Reader’s Choice Best Gelato/Ice Cream

2013 Named 1 of The Top 20 Artisan’s of Canada – Ace Bakery Artisan Incubator

2013 Winner – Westender Newspaper – Reader’s Choice Best Gelato/Ice Cream

2012 Winner – Technical Jury, Florence International Gelato Festival, Italy

2012 Winner – People’s Choice Award, Florence International Gelato Festival, Italy

2012 Winner – Westender Newspaper – Reader’s Choice Best Gelato/Ice Cream

2011 Gelato Pioneer Award – “The Father” – Carpigiani Group, Italy

What’s the verdict?

The gelato texture and creaminess (not sure it’s a word) was fantastic. So on the technical merits Bella Gelateria scores very high. It is On par of some of the best gelato places in Italy.

I found the flavor to not have as much bite and freshness of the ingredients coming through. That’s were the true outstanding gelato separates itselft from the wannabes.

Overall though it’s still a a good gelato and worth the 5-10mins wait.

They do get bonus points for the to-go box. That’s an old school container that they use. It reminds me of what my grandpa would bring back on a Sat evening. Good stuff.








Few weeks ago I had the chance to travel to Sao Paulo for a business trip.  No… unfortunately I did not go to the World Cup, I was there few days before it actually started.   The business part of the trip kepts us pretty busy and I had not had the chance to properly research where to head out for dinner.    Nevertheless a mix of recommendations by our business partners, concierge, and pure luck yielded some awesome dining experiences.  On the way back I did check the Tripadvisor page and it seems we hit few of the best restaurants in Sao Paulo. Few of the highlights…

Figueira Rubaiyat

One of premier restaurants in Sao Paulo. Great looking crowd, great food, and in a great neighborhood. Price is a bit on “holy #$#@”, but definitely a great experience. We got a table under the massive fig tree.











Churrascaria Vento Haragano

Holy… wow… We went here the first night.  It comes with pick up and drop off (it seems a standard service that the nice Churrascarias provide).   Place was simply amazing.  The buffet selection of appetizers and sides has an outstanding selection.  The meat keeps coming and coming… and coming… and coming.  Luckily we had bunch of meetings and skipped lunch that day.   Highly recommended.







Vila Madalena

According to Wikipedia: [mk_blockquote style=”quote-style” font_family=”none” text_size=”12″ align=”left”]These neighborhoods have become a hot spot for artists, writers, journalists, movie directors, intellectuals in general and, of course, wannabes in every one of these categories. It’s not uncommon to run into someone famous – or nearly so – when casually drinking in a bar, leaving the supermarket or having an espresso[/mk_blockquote] Well… we didn’t see anybody famous, but we did a great time walking around and stopping at one of the bars for few cold beers.







La Maison est Tombee

We literally stumbled accidentally at La Maison.  We were in a cab and asked the driver to drop us off in a restaurant area.  He dropped us off around the corner where there are several nice restaurants, but they felt a bit cozy and elegant.   The noise from La Maison pulled us there.

Mostly a French inspired bistro it features great drinks, food, a warm happening environment and diverse crowd. 

Recommended for a more casual fun evening.