There are lots and lots of different ways to make scrambled eggs. It really depends on how you like your scrambled eggs. Some like them a bit runny, some a bit rougher, etc…

Here’re some of our favorite scrambled eggs videos.



Chef Gordon Ramsey. Sunday morning scrambled eggs.



Food Network. Scrambled eggs over asparagus



Jeffrey Saad. How to scramble eggs.



How to scramble eggs in the microwave in 30secs.



Perfect Scrambled Eggs with Wylie Dufresne.

Traditional winter recipe. My grandmas used to make this dish. Grandma Nicoletta used to serve it by spreading on a large cutting board (that she used to also make pasta). She would than pour the sauce on top and all of us would sit around the table and eat our part.

Unfortunately I don’t have such a large board that I could use for dinner (might need to build one).


Tonight we wanted to make quesadillas. The problem is that we only had corn tortillas (the smaller ones) and they get a bit too crispy for a standard quesadilla.

It’s a quick and tasty one.

  • start warming up the tortillas in a non stick pan
  • on another pan sauté the chicken (cut in 1/3 in cubes) with the green onions/li>
  • when the tortillas start to get warm add the shredded mozzarella
  • add the chicken on top and cover with a bit more mozzarella
  • when the mozzarella is melted you know it’s one
  • plate the tortilla and add the guacamole, mango salsa (you can use any other salsa, and fresh green onions

You’re done. Enjoy!


Tonight I wanted to make a vegetarian carbonara dish. The thing is that if you take pancetta (or baken) out of the equation it becomes really tricky to give it that distinct flavor and extra dimension that this simple dish needs. It becomes even trickier when you don’t like that much cream in your sauces – which I don’t.

So… I tried to experiment a bit and borrowed a bit from a Caesar salad type of dressing. I used a mix of zucchini and squash to give it a bit of texture, color and substance. I used anchovies and fresh herbs (one mint leaf, parsley, and thyme) in additional to the eggs for the sauce. I used just a dash of whole milk, but of the cream sauces out there go ahead and add more.

All in whole it was much better than I actually expected. You should not be concerned about the anchovies because you can’t really tell, but they do add the extra something I was looking for.