I was due for a good dinner for Hellai (my girlfriend) and I finally put it together last Th. I made couple of things: a seafood appetizer and pasta with eggplant (one of Hellai’s favorites). I will cover the pasta with eggplant in the next post. In this one we’ll cover the super-easy platter I put together.

The platter contained:

Shrimp cooked with Jack Daniels
Shrimp cocktail
Scallops with basil oil
Scallops with peppercord mustard
Guazzetto di cozze e vongole
The ingredients are self-explanatory from the picture above. Make sure that you get good quality seafood…it makes the difference.

Here’re the directions:

For the shrimp cooked with Jack Daniels: get a nice tiger prawn and cook it in a medium heat non-stick pan (no oil or anything else). Add a little jack daniel at the time as the shrimp is cooking. I served the shrimp over a very simple spinach salad (with oil and lemon)
On a grill cook couple of scallops. Take some peppercorn mustard and serve it next to one of the scallops. For the other one you can easily some basil olive oil. In the food processor put some basil (don’t be shy!) and olive oil (don’t be shy!) and blend it together. You could add a bit of pepper. I did not try lemon, but you could. Just rest the scallop over some of the crushed basil and cover the scallop with the oil.
For the shrimp cocktail make sure you get good fresh shrimp meat. It’a s little more expensive, but it tastes better and for the quantity it’s not overly expensive. For the sauce you can pick the one you like the best. I made my own. Just some mayonese, ketchup, worchester sauce and pepper.
For the guazzetto you can just read my previous post:
One thing I forgot to mention is that this platter is really quick to make. If you multi-task effectively you can make everything in about 15mins.

Enjoy your meal!