Tonight we wanted to make quesadillas. The problem is that we only had corn tortillas (the smaller ones) and they get a bit too crispy for a standard quesadilla.

It’s a quick and tasty one.

  • start warming up the tortillas in a non stick pan
  • on another pan sauté the chicken (cut in 1/3 in cubes) with the green onions/li>
  • when the tortillas start to get warm add the shredded mozzarella
  • add the chicken on top and cover with a bit more mozzarella
  • when the mozzarella is melted you know it’s one
  • plate the tortilla and add the guacamole, mango salsa (you can use any other salsa, and fresh green onions

You’re done. Enjoy!


We had a great dinner in Vancouver. Shahnaz made us some great afghan traditional dishes.


qurma e alobokhara (chicken with dried prunes)
mash palau

Shahnaz tells me that this is a traditional dish that can be made with chicken or lamb. Even in the old days in Afghanistan this was considered a bit of a special dish for special occasions.

This dish is always served with “chalau” (steamed white long basmati rice). Last night we also had it with mash palau. Mash Palau is basmati rice stir fried with moong dahl (mong beans).



Baadnjan boranai over chaka (eggplant over a dense spiced yogurt)

The eggplant are lightly grilled.  Onions are sauteed on a different pan.   The onion are than poured on the eggplant with tumaric, garlic, olive oil, salt and a dash of hot water.

They are served over yogurt, which is very dense because the water has been filtered out.




Mash Awa (thick bean soup with a dash of thick yogurt)

All the beans are actually socked for a day or so.  To add a bit of taste they are cooked on a chicken stock.

The trick to give it a bit of the “afghan” feel is adding lots of garlic, onion, ground fresh ginger, and pepper.

Another trick is adding a spoon of short grain rice that actually ends up adding thickness to the soup.