Just ran into this post from Squawkfox about the real cost of groceries at Costco vs other stores.

It seems that CostCo is more expensive than regular grocery stores in the fresh produce department (fruit & vegetable, meat).

There are few interesting things in the article that I will verify myself:

  • Items are compared to a local superstore in Alberta.  I don’t know the local cost of living, but wondering how that compares here in Seattle.
  • Costco has been carrying a lot more organic items.  We usually shop at Wholefoods and PCC, so wondering how the organic comparison fairs.  Anecdotally, Costco seems way cheaper when comparing organic items.
  • The article seems to assume that someone’s time and stress factor are worth zero.  It takes time and energy to go to different supermarkets when you can get everything in one place (kind of the all play for big grocery stores).

I have never been personally a big Costco fan when it comes to fresh fruit.  Mostly because it is somewhat tasteless.