If you like food and you are in my region (Abruzzo) then there is one restaurant you MUST visit: L’Angolo da Filippo (also known as “Angolino” – “the little corner”).

The restaurant is one of my town institutions. It was founded in 1891 and it’s rocks! Wow!

Over the course of the years the menu has changed, the restaurant was extensively remodelled, but it always carries a great of “tradition” forward.

I went there with friends a few days before I left and I took pix of what we ate.

We started off with a round of cold appetizers (mostly carpaccios):

followed by a round of warm appetizer:

It’s easy to spot the prawns and clams in the pix. The middle one is a lot more interesting, aside from the prawn there is a fantastic fried zucchini with shrimp paste, baccala’ with bell peppersonions and one of my favorites – cuttlefish with potatoes.

We moved to the pastas:

The first pasta is “spaghettoni with bottarga e pannocchie” (pannocchie is typical in my region and close to prawns). It was just amazing… but the next pasta was even better “gnocchetti with pesto and shrimp”… holy $%$% it was soo good! The pesto was very light, the gnocchetti would just melt in your mounth. Wow…

After the pasta we decided to also order the “secondi” (second dish). The good news is that since we ordered late we got about 20-30mins to rest :). We were ready for what was coming next:

Some of us ordered the “arrosto misto” (left). I was one of the lucky ones to go for the “dentice in crosta di pistacchio”. The dentice (still trying to find the english name) was just amazing. I was extremelly impressed.

We closed the meal with a mix of “semifreddi” and coffee.

Overall the meal was impeccable. Loved it. Service was also great. If you ever go there tell Carlo that Max sent you!

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