Grilled octopus must be my all-time favorite!  I love it cooked in many different ways.

I was at Pike Place Market and one of the my favorite spots was selling fresh octopus. How could I have passed on it?!

H and I headed home and started the tenderizing process. There are many ways to tenderize an octopus. There is a great article on ny times about the many different approaches. I went for simmering it in red vinegar and let it rest for 72 hours.  That is a long time when you’re dying to eat it!



After the marinate time clock ticked it was fairly simple. We grilled the octopus on a le creuset grill pan. The plan was to grill it on the bbq outsite, but we are in Seattle and of course it was raining. The grilling is supposed to take about 3 minutes on each side. We did it for a bit longer (about 5 mins).



As the octupus was grilling we prepared the salad which is part of the recipe. I wanted it to keep fresh and crunchy. We opted for celery, green onions, and fennel. For the dressing we went for a fairly standard three parts olive oil and about one part lemon. Definitely be generous with the olive oil and add the salt and pepper to your liking.



As soon as the octopus was done we chopped it and mixed it into the rest of the salad.  We gave it a nice toss and our octopus salad was ready to be plated!