H wanted a bit of dessert, but we had none and we did not feel driving anywhere. The fridge did not offer too many options for a dessert, but we managed to find some biscuits in the freezer. We also had the frozen berries that we usually use for V’s shakes, and we did have couple of eggs.   Plenty enough for a quick dessert which required mostly warming up a few things and assemble them.

  • Biscuits cook in about 15mins in the oven
  • The frozen berries go in the microwave for about 90-120 secs.  Make sure you cool them right away
  • Combine the whites from a couple of eggs, add honey and just a bit of lemon zest. Whip until it is light and stiff peaks
  • Plate it!
  • It worked out great! In about 20mins we had a great dessert ready to go and it tasted great!