Last night we had dinner in what is hands down the best Japanese restaurant I ever been too: Raku.

We had made reservations for the Omasake style dinner. The place is in a strip mall in Vegas’ chinatown. It’s a very unassuming location. The place is fairly small (about 40-50 seats) and you really need a reservation (ours was at 10pm). The decor is a tasteful traditional Japanese.

Back to the food. Loved it. It was perfectly executed and presented. Most importantly every single bite was a punch of flavor.

We started by ordering the sake sampler.



Tofu handmade daily. It comes a choice of condiments. The green tea salt was excellent. The spicy chilli oil was very flavorful.




Hairy crab.  The waitress explained that they get them from Hokkaido in Japan.  They cannot be purchased in the USA (not legally).




Sashimi.  The toro was great.  Really liked the pairing with the marinated seaweed.





Grilled seabass.    It’s grilled in a stick.  Possibly one of my favorite dishes of the night.  Buttery, very flavorful.  The light char on the skin added a fantastic texture.




Scallop.   Although the scallop was not perfectly cooked as most of the rest of the other dishes the broth was incredibly flavorful.  All of us drank it off the shell!




Fried catfish.  It good, not great.  The broth definitely helped.



Kobe beef skewer with wasabi.  One of the best dishes all night.   Took the first bite and i could not believe how tender it was.  The flavor and char were perfect.




Pork cheeks skewers.  Really tough to follow the Kobe beef.  The pork cheeks delivered a much different bite with a good crunch.



After the pork they served us rice with salmon and salmon eggs.  I am not a bit fan of salmon pasta or rice.  The rest of my friend loved it.


Strawberry sorbet.  Great dessert.  Light and flavorful.