Friday night I was having drinks with my Italian friends and the topic came up. We talked about it for a good chunk of time and it seems that by the end there was good agreement on the ranking.

Before I started writing this post I checked the pizzeria rankings on citysearch. wow…in the audience top five there is none of the pizzerias that we have in our top 5. It seems we are more in sync with the editors. We both have the Tutta Bella Pizzeria in Columbia City as our #1.

There is another important point to make. This entry ranks the best pizzeria and not the best pizza. I will post about the best pizza later, for today let’s focus on the pizzeria.

#1 – Tutta Bella Neapolitan Pizzeria in Columbia City
what we like: everything – atmosphere, pizza, staff/service, waiting line management, price
what we don’t like: it’s a little out of the way

#2 – Tutta Bella Neapolitan Pizzeria in Wallingford
what we like: the space, the pizza, waiting line management, price
what we don’t like: nothing really. This is where we go the most, but the atmosphere is not quite the same as #1

#3 – Pizzeria da Guido in Crossroad
what we like: pizza is great, place is reminiscent of some off-beat Italian pizzerias, no line
what we don’t like: a little out of the way, crossroad mall it’s pretty sad at night

#4 – Via Tribunali in Capitol Hill
what we like: pizza can be very good, atmosphere
what we don’t like: waiting line, you cannot customize pizza (unbelievable!), unfriendly

#5 – La Vita e’ Bella in Belltown

Have fun at your next pizzeria trip!

What others think?

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